Tigernu backpack is tough and good style for bicycle commuting

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リュックサック Tigernu

Backpack for bicycle commutation, there are various kinds and difficult to decide.

I was looking for a soft carry case that could store a laptop computer.

I thought that it would be easy to find a soft carrier case in 1 Euro shop., but if it is a soft carry case that can accommodate 13 inch class laptops, it will cost more than 20 Euro.

If you pay 20 Euro, you can buy backpack of Tigernu brand.
I would like to introduce this backpack.

Tigernu company information

Tigernu is Chinese company founded in 2004. It is a baggage manufacturer that is based in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China.

Tigernu design, manufacture and sell bags and backpacks for electronic equipment such as laptop PCs and digital cameras.

Tigernu have a production site of 8000 square meters and more than 300 specialists such as Research and development and sales.

Tigernu bags are used all over the world including Europe, Asia, the Middle East, South America and so on.

Go to othersite

Tigernu web site Chinese only

Requirements for back pack for bike commuting

  • Laptop 13-inch class can be stored
  • Ability to accommodate business trips
  • Simple design that you can bring to meetings with companies and customers
  • Relatively strong against rain
  • Not too big
  • Not expensive

It was Tigern’s backpack that filled all of them.
Price is 20 Euro

Backpack can be used in business so simple design

Very calm and simple design. I was glad that there was only one middle pocket, but it’s simple enough that you can use it in business.

Abundant storage

Backpack TIGErnu outline of storage

There are two main storage. In addition two middle pockets. Both sides are pockets with bands that can hold PET bottles and folding umbrella.

There is another space for PC storage at another place that fits another back

Main space 1

backpack TIGErnu storage 1 pen
I have the documents here. I am happy to have a pen storage. You can save the time and effort to put out writing instruments from the pen brush each time

Space 2

backpack TIGErnu space 2
backpack tablet smartphone storage

This is the IT staff storage space here. It is easy to understand storage space such as tablet PC, smartphone, gaming machine etc, as it is marked often.
It is surprisingly polite making

backpack earphone come out

And, because you can put the earphone out, you can listen to the sound source in the backpack.

Side pocket

backpack space for plastic bottle

Backpack’s side pocket is a plastic bottle storage space.

Backside space for laptop

backside of backpack
backside of backpack for laptop

PC should be put in here

Just size

Height 49 cm, width 32 cm, thickness 19 cm,
A backpack that is too big to be said to go on climbing is not suitable for business. It is border of acceptable which has good storage and not for climbing.

Impressions using a Tigernu bag for one year

I used it every day for bicycle commuting.

I use it for more than a year but everywhere is not broken and it is very strong.

You can still use it.

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